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Imagine your Work & Life under the Mediterranean sun

Excited for each sunny day in Work'nParadise


Wake up. Stretch. Morning swim at pool or beach. Yoga class

Sun. Smile. Grateful. Listen to the birds and sheep. Take in the breeze of the Aegean sea

Pick an orange, pomegranate, lemon, or avocado from our trees

Healthy breakfast of Greek coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice, Cretan sheep's yogurt, Thyme honey, fresh fruit, organic eggs from the local hens with soft bread of bakerte.

Start Work
Code. Analyze Data. UX web design. Write copy, PR, or brand strategy. Lead Product Management. Digital & Performance Marketing. Cybersecurity. Project management. Your e-commerce. Trade Stocks, Cryptocurrencies. Sales calls. Build AutoCAD design models. Draft legal docs. File financial reports… from sunny Crete

Time for 'Cretan Diet' - best olive oil and tomatoes on the planet. Salad of soft cheese, rusks, wild herbs, fresh greens. Organic vegetables, spinach pies, fresh seafood, baked casseroles, stuffed peppers & tomatoes with herbs, snails in olive oil, sauteed rabbit, goat, lamb, smoked and roasted pork, goat cheese pies, Cretan crepes with cinnamon and Thyme honey

Work break.... choose from activities: swim in turquoise waters, cycle through olive groves and orange fields, beach volleyball, tennis, run on track field, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, jet-skiing, paddle boarding, sailing, gardening, horseback riding, mountain hiking

Back to Work.... send emails, write proposal, Zoom calls, team and strategy meetings, client calls, investor pitch, write creative copy and content.... learn a new skill

Take in the sunset with this view - do yoga, meditate, paraglide the skies, sunset boat trip. Drink Cretan wines and beer with friends at a taverna with breathtaking views of the sea, bay and White mountains

End the day with a tan, a smile, positive energy, with friends at Work'nParadise Crete.

SkillShare Workshops and Webinars

Gain new knowledge and harvest new skills, using the best tools and practices inspired by a community of like-minded digital professionals

New skills and tools in digital marketing, web design, UI/ UX, SEO, product management, e-commerce, brand strategy, AI, Big Data, project management, stock /cryptocurrency trading

Mastermind Roundtable Talks about our changing world, future of work, digitalization, automation, productivity, and new technologies impacting our careers.

New insights into how we can improve our health, diet, and personal well being while making new connections and friendships

Accommodation & Workspace

Beautiful Villas and bathrooms
Open areas with a swimming pool
Healthy daily breakfasts
Cretan lunches
Three dinners included
Comfortable workspaces.
Fast WIFI in villas and cafes
Fun Adventure
Beach volleyball
Mountain hiking

Available by request: Horse riding, Painting, Wind surfing, Jet skiing, Surfing, Sailing.

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