Cryptocurrency conference meets wellness retreat escape
Crypto Escape 2021 is the first crypto retreat in the Greek Isles.
This event, which will take place from Sept. 10 to 13 in Mykonos, is a small and exclusive getaway, bringing together like-minded crypto enthusiasts to learn, adventure and make friends over the course of a four-day holiday under the sun.

Attendees will take in daily keynote speakers, panels and workshops with experts on the cutting edge who will delve into the future of how decentralized finance will transform banking and how the billions that flow from institutional markets will reshape crypto assets. We will dig deeper into the trending areas of this space to discover nonfungible tokens as they become more than just a buzzword and start their way to mainstream adoption. Hot topics will be explored, from why Bitcoin (BTC) mining reached the headlines with China most recently banning all related activities, to finding out where fellow miners are flocking to. Or does your focus lie within the latest layer-two protocols, altcoin investment strategies, and any exclusive opportunities from top fund managers? Escape-goers can discuss their latest trades by the poolside and explore the gorgeous Greek island of Mykonos with their newly found network of crypto conspirators.

Speakers include Ralf Glabischnig, founder and board member of Crypto Valley Venture Capital; Talal Tabbaa, co-founder and CEO of Jibrel Network; Arnab Naskar, founder of STOKR; Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, editor-in-chief of Cointelegraph; Joshua Scigala, an award-winning entrepreneur who co-founded Vaultoro; Max Lautenschlaeger, co-founder and managing director of Iconic Holding; Sheraz Ahmed, managing partner of Storm Partners; and Daniele Bernardi, crypto fund manager founder of Diaman partners, to name a few.

Networking activities range from sailing and wine tasting to horseback riding. And of course, every morning begins with yoga and meditation. Crypto Escape Mykonos is hosted by Work’nParadise Crete, a co-working and co-living experience for digital nomads and company retreats, and outdoor pop-up wellness studio Sweat Vacay of Mykonos.
For more information and to register, please visit Crypto Escape’s website.
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